Travel Tools & Useful Products

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Insect Repellent
– Unfortunately biting insects inhabit most places on earth. This one is a non-toxic one, good if you can’t always take a shower while camping: Quantum Buzz Away Extreme

Headlamps – Essential for exploring the interior of ruins, and all kinds of nighttime activities including but not limited to cooking, riding your bike, and finding a place to pee near your campsite.

e+LITE: Waterproof case, emergency whistle, 360 degree swiveling light, and it only weighs one ounce!

Tikka 2 Headlamp: a great basic headlamp with variable light settings.

Rechargeable Batteries
– because who wants to buy and throw away more? Duracell Rechargeable AAA Batteries, Duracell Rechargeable AA Batteries

Don’t forget the charger! Duracell Mobile Charger Fits both AA and AAA batteries.

Sunscreen – save your skin and avoid the lobster look. Try our favorite non-chemical formula direct from Santa Cruz, California! BurnOut Zinc Oxide Sunscreen SPF 32 (oil free) and BurnOut SPF 30+ Ocean Tested Physical Sunscreen (with hemp oil)

For photographers: Pedco UltraPod
This easily portable tripod is an ESSENTIAL tool for getting good shots in low lighting, and a velcro strap allows you to secure the camera to a sign post or other vertical object if you’re lacking a surface. Thanks, Dad!

For dedicated foodies: Cuisinart Hand Blender
Yes, we brought an immersion blender in the camper. Can you say smoothies on the beach? Salsa on a whim? This hand blender uses less power than a regular blender and is of course much more compact.

For musicians (and hoopers!):
Amy can’t live without hoop jams, so she is dragging along the Roland Micro-Cube Bass RX to rock it wherever she goes. This thing is awesome, running on six AA batteries (see the rechargeables above). It of course doubles as a bass amp.

Also, John learned how to keep his guitar dry and happy in humid environments. Take some kitty litter (the natural clay type) and put it in the end of some cut off panty hose. Tie it up tight and voila, you’ve got a pouch of dessicant to regulate humidity in your guitar case.


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