Travel Tips

Mexico-specific travel tips
  • Only carry as much money as you are prepared to  part with on your person. Just in case you get the mordida (little bite) from the police or at a military checkpoint. Keep the rest hidden somewhere good. We say this as a general precaution, however, we never had the experience of actually paying the mordida in 11 months of travel.
  • Navigation – Guia Roji is the Mexican atlas. About $200 pesos.

We all want to keep in touch. Here are they best ways we’ve figured out how.

Tel Cel Banda Ancha

  • Would you like to have internet service wherever you can use a cell phone? Try this USB modem which provides service on a 3G network all over Mexico. Even when camping on the beach, we can get online.
  • ATT cell phone subscribers should be aware that there is a plan called “Viva Mexico” which allows you to use your The only drawback is that friends you make in Mexico will find it difficult to call you.
  • Last but not least, everyone should have Skype which allows you to make international calls very inexpensively using any internet connection.

    General Travel Tips

  • Keep a photocopy of your passport and other documents handy ( like in your wallet).
  • Order your foreign currency a minimum of 1 week in advance to exchange money before you go. Your bank should be able to do this for you without a fee, and then you will have money in your pocket when you arrive!
  • Be aware of foreign transaction fees if you are using a credit card. Capital One is the only card which does not charge a 1-3% fee for each transaction.
  • Get your international driver’s license! This way it’s easy to rent cars wherever you go.

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