Naturally Beautiful Taiwan

Many times while on the road in Taiwan people asked us why we came. “Nobody from the west comes to Taiwan as a tourist”, they repeated. Some people asked it it was from the recently released surf magazine issue covering Taiwan. Still our answer was no.

Our first inspiration came our cousins, Donna and Joe, who had their wedding photos done in 2009 around Taiwan. The photos blew us away. Giant mountains covered with lush forests, beautiful oceans and rivers. What else could we want? Surf maybe? While on the road in Mexico this year, I met a Japanese surfer who insisted that Taiwan had some good waves. He also told me winter was a very consistent time. Okay, well we already had planned to go to Donna and Joe’s wedding in Hong Kong in December. Why not fly over (1.3 hours) to Taiwan afterward to get some good surf and enjoy some sightseeing.

So far we’ve posted on the surf, the food, the agriculture in Taiwan. Here’s our final post on what brought us to Taiwan in the first place, the incredible natural beauty. We only covered a fraction of the island, concentrating our efforts in the southern sector, mostly around Kenting National Park. We will definitely return to Taiwan someday to discover more parts of the island; hopefully with a better understanding of Mandarin.

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