Santa Cruz Surf

Back to where we started a little over a year ago. We traveled up and down the Mexican and California Coastlines, as well as the southern portion of Taiwan. In all of my travels, I haven’t found place with more variety, consistency, and quality of waves than Santa Cruz. The waves lured me here in 2005 when I first started visiting while living in Davis. Once I got the taste, I eventually found a way to live here and fulfill my longest surf trip yet – about five years in a row.

What is it that makes this place so good? The coastline offers a diversity of points, reefs, and beaches that can have completely different wind and wave exposures. That means that almost any day of the year, decent surf can be found somewhere. Time and time again I tell myself and others, “If I was in Florida, I would be surfing that right now” or “in Florida this would be an epic day”.

Santa Cruz surfers get spoiled real quick. They constantly pass up mediocre waves in search of the best conditions (I’m just as guilty of this as anybody here). All it really takes to stay in the water daily here is a little creativity in board riding, plenty of stoke, and a moderate amount of patience. With a hungry eye, you can find a nice peeler around some not-so-crowded corners of this Surf City. Or you can go hop in the water with 100 of your most aggressive friends at the Lane.


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  1. February 17, 2011 at 3:39 am

    Lovely Santa Cruz. I hope come back some day.

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