Giving Thanks

We didn’t want to leave. We looked forlornly out the window as we drove down the street. We knew we would miss speaking Spanish, eating tacos and laughing at those little jokes the universe tells you when you’re on the road. We left a bag of produce and some other items we didn’t want to cross the border with at what appeared to be somebody’s camp site in an empty lot under a few trees. We got out our passports. We tried to prepare ourselves for an abrupt change in culture and language.

Reaching the easternmost border crossing in the state of Baja California was an adventure in and of itself. Border towns must have a rule prohibiting any type of signage or directions that lead to the actual place to get across. We could see the fence, and drove along it up and down the main road about four times before we stopped to ask for help. A man gave us wonderful directions and didn’t even laugh at us. We fondly remembered all of the kind strangers who had helped us along the way.

After crossing a military checkpoint in Sonora, successfully passing through U.S. Customs at the Algodones crossing, telling a man at the phytosanitary checkpoint that we’d ditched the previously mentioned fruits and veggies in Mexico, and getting the “go ahead” wave at two U.S. Border Patrol checkpoints in California, we realized this particular adventure in Mexico was actually over.

We had returned to the land of safe and smoothly paved highways, roads with shoulders, and freeway exit signs that actually tell you when and where to anticipate your next turn! It saddened us to think these were the most exciting things we could think of upon returning to America.

We don’t want to call it the end of the journey. We’ll never stop exploring, but for now we’ve said, “hasta luego.” Being back in the United States for the Thanksgiving holiday, we are so grateful for the opportunity that we had to travel over the past year. We hope that if you were ever inspired to travel from reading this blog that you will make the time and space in your life for it to happen. It’s more possible than you think, and it is one of the greatest gifts you will ever give yourself.

Stay tuned for more posts on Mexico and upcoming travels in Hong Kong and Taiwan.


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