Fiesta Time in Saladita

On a beach with no nightlife, not even a bar, we were surprised to find that there would two parties on the same night! We weren’t sure if the small town of Saladita could even populate two simultaneous parties, so of course we had to find out for ourselves.

We first wandered over to Beto’s surf shop where things were just getting started. Our friend Keith was selling beers to help raise money to get the restaurant and shop up and running. VJ Scotty Mack mixed it up on a blow-up screen with videos from Madonna, Shakira, Fergie, Gwen Stefani and Lady Gaga, as well as amazingly random mash-ups of cock rock and 90’s rap songs. The three hula-hoops I brought along turned out to be quite popular, with local kids learning a few new moves. I even met another hooper named Amity who works at the Present Moment retreat center in the nearby town of Troncones.

Coco and Amy at Beto's Surf Shop

After working up a sweat hooping, I decided it was time for a dip in the pool. We walked down the beach to the next party at Rusty’s Surf Villa. Visitors to Saladita and local friends of Rusty’s sipped tequila in the salt-water pool. Rounding up a new group we headed back to the surf shop where local kids sat in plastic chairs to observe drunken gringo behavior. The friendliest and most heartbreaking little black puppy with a broken leg wandered out and got lots of attention from everyone. Apparently he had been hit by a car about a month ago and is still recovering. Around one in the morning we retired to our camper. Even down on the beach we could still hear Scotty’s sound system pumping.

Sipping tequila with the frog and fellow campers Sarah and John from Canada


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