Iguana Fight!


We captured this intense iguana action in the laundry area at the Sayulita Trailer Park. The iguanas would bite down and hold, writhe a bit, and then stay still in a waiting game until somebody flinched or moved. Even though iguanas don’t have teeth, these guys (or gals?) managed to draw blood from each other. We fretted over whether to intervene or let nature take its course. Meanwhile, a young boy grabbed a broom to separate the two iguanas. He deftly pinned one to the wall to scoop it up and carry it around before releasing it into a shrubby area. Then he scooted the other iguana out of the laundry area and into the shrubs as well. We hoped that they were glad to be separated and would resume munching on foliage instead of each other.

Chomping some iguana skull

The Peacemaker of Sayulita Trailer Park

This iguana stayed out of the conflict, preferring to bask on a sunny step. Note the stub of a tail beginning to grow back.


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