Chile Relleno Feliz (Happy Chile Relleno)

Just a block down the dirt road from the campground, the sign for Chile Relleno Feliz beckons you with a smiling chile. On Saturday morning I was lucky enough to be able to jump in with Elisa on a cooking class offered by Estella of Chile Relleno Feliz. She explained that she learned to cook from her mother and grandmother and has added her own style to their cooking.

Estella and Elisa at Chile Relleno Feliz kitchen. Estella removes the seeds from the tomatoes before using them for sauce.

She carefully washed and dried 2 chiles poblanos, 3 eggs, and several plum tomatoes. Estella began to prepare the sauce, which requires half an onion, minced garlic and several roughly chopped plum tomatoes sauteed in a pan, then pureed until smooth. Once the sauce is pureed, it goes back in the pan with more sauteed garlic and onion, oregano, black pepper, parsley, and chicken bouillon.

Secure the chile with a toothpick.

Remove the seed and core with a special curved knife.

Estella stuffing the chiles with cheese.

We watched as she roasted the chiles over the gas flame and then peeled off all of the charred skin with a spoon. Using a specially curved paring knife, she cut a lengthwise slit and removed the core and seeds from the pepper.

She placed cheese inside and secured it shut with a toothpick. Estella sprinkled each pepper with flour.Estella then separated the yolks and whites of three eggs. Beating the whites til they were foamy, she then added the yolks. Now for a bit of Mexican superstition: if a person with a bad character or bad vibes looks at your eggs while you’re whisking they will not foam properly.

Chiles dusted with white flour before dipping into the egg batter.

Then the floured chiles were dipped into the egg batter and gently placed in the hot oil. Estella gently splashed hot oil over the tops of the peppers to seal in the batter. Then after about a minute she flipped each chile. Removing them from the hot oil, she drained them on paper towels in a colander and then placed them in the sauce.

After a few minutes simmering in the sauce, the chiles rellenos were ready to serve. Estella packaged them carefully on plastic plates covered with tinfoil. We walked home to eat our lunch. Indeed,that chile relleno left a smile on my face.

I could hardly wait to get that chile in my mouth!

Stuffed, battered chiles frying in the pan. Fry on each side for about a minute and a half, or until lightly golden.


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  1. Yve said,

    March 2, 2010 at 8:33 pm

    Oh my god!!! How exciting!! Yum yum!!

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