The sounds of Sayulita

We made some friends, Spencer and Elisa from Santa Barbara, who we keep bumping into around town. Really, we bump into them about every six hours: on the beach, at the taco stand, at the taco stand across the street from the other taco stand. Spencer the Gardener invited us to come hear him play songs from his new album, Organic Gangster at Libreria Sayulita (Bookstore Sayulita) the other day. Children and adults gathered round to listen to tunes such as A.V.O.C.A.D.O. and Worm Girl. Kids who had heard him play in school earlier that day sang along. I told him I would let all of you devoted blog readers know that this album and others are available to download on itunes.  After Spencer played, he gave John a copy of Organic Gangster, “since he’s part of the organic mob.” I enjoyed a great cup of coffee and a carrot cake muffin made by a local young lady. The bookstore itself is a cute little shop just up the dirt road from our campground with used books and internet access.

There’s plenty of music in Sayulita: open mic nights, samba and reggae bands, drumming on the beach. Quality varies.

Monday night we walked down the beach to Don Pedro’s to check out the salsa night. We stayed on the beach, our bare feet in the sand.  We watched a few couples hot-stepping and spinning on the dance floor, and it looks like a lot of fun. Salsa and Cumbia are everywhere, and I hope to get in some lessons while we’re in Mexico.

Another album we’ve picked up is an intense recording of drumming: Organic Trance by La Tribu Cosmica. The Tribu Cosmica gallery in San Francisco, Nayarit, offers music, handmade drums, drumming classes, natural medicines, art and handmade sandals.

And last but not least, I should mention the band that plays EVERY night behind a house right across the street from the campground. They begin practice just after dark. Drums, horns and who knows what else…there are at least 10 pieces, maybe more. It began with about one or two songs, repeated over and over. Lately they’ve added more songs, and sound more in-tune and on-time, but it took a while to get there. The owner of the campground actually circulated a petition to get them to stop! I don’t know how many signatures he ultimately gathered, but the band plays on. Personally I kind of like it. It definitely adds some flavor to the neighborhood. We made a recording, which I will try to figure out how to upload so you all can share the experience.

Other sounds frequently heard blasted from megaphones strapped to trucks:

Camarones! Sin cabeza! Con cabeza! (Shrimp! Without heads! With heads!)

Fresca, Fresca Zeta Gas! ( a little ditty to let you know the LP gas delivery is here)

Camas matrimonial! (Double beds!) Yes, there are roving mattress salesmen in Mexico.

The sweet potato guy is the best, pushing around a wood fired cart with steam-roasted sweet potatoes. Every block he sounds a blood-curdling, ear-drum breaking whistle to let you know dessert is up!


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