Trouble in Paradise

Last night two bungalows and an RV were broken into where we are staying. “Broken into” being a relative term, as all the perpetrator had to do was push in screens of open windows. Laptop computers and credit cards were stolen (one card was used at a local convenience store to buy cigarettes and beer the next morning). Rumors circulated of a tall man in overalls being a possible suspect. The thievery occurred in the evening after dark, but before 10 pm, and while the occupants of the bungalows and RV were not at home. The presence of a group of campers gathered outside in the campground having dinner, drinks and judging a poetry contest during that time frame apparently did not deter the thief.

My first reaction was that burglary seemed out of place in a town with a healthy flow of tourists, plenty of small businesses, baseball games on the weekend and a Valentine’s day baile (dance) going on that night. It’s not a destitute sort of  place. Crimes of opportunity, however, are just that. We’re hoping that the Virgen de Guadalupe who looks out over our back door will provide a little protection, and that our location in the center of the campground with nighttime lighting will also be a deterrent.

It’s not much different than living on the west side of Santa Cruz, however, where reports of break-ins circulated every so often on the neighborhood list-serv. Perhaps instead of tweakers we have disgruntled locals or gringos looking for an easy take.

Campground residents have taken precautions including password-protecting their computers, planning beer-can alarm systems, and discouraging random pedestrians from using the campground as a thoroughfare.

I suppose the moral of the story is don’t travel with anything you can’t afford to lose, and make your camp the least attractive as a target as possible. There’s no 100% way to safeguard material possessions 100% of the time, regardless of what country you’re in, so don’t get too attached.

Crossing our fingers…


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