Good Eats in Sayulita

In general we’ve enjoyed all of the food we’ve eaten out in Sayulita, but some has been more worth the money than others. We’ve had several recommendations from fellow trailer park campers, but we usually stop at whatever catches our eye or our nose while on the way to said recommended restaurants. I’ll continue adding to this post as we try new spots.

In case you’re visiting soon here’s a quick rundown on restaurants we’ve tried in Sayulita:

Cafe Leyza – Good meal, friendly staff, nice atmosphere. Tri-color chips served with a spicy salsa. My chile relleno stuffed with baby shrimp (90 pesos) was very good. John thought the chicken breast of his chicken mole (120 pesos) was a bit dry. The mole was very chocolatey. The sope con puerco was pretty good, and the agua de Jamaica (hibiscus iced tea) hit the spot, cooling of the heat of the salsa. A latin Coldplay album entertained us as we tried to identify the music. Located on the plaza, you can’t miss it because the proprietor will invite you in and make sure you see the menu before walking past.

Tacos on the Street – YUM! They are only open after 5 pm and have a very small menu. Grilled veggie tacos and carne asada tacos were very tasty and only 12 pesos each ($1). The hot peppers served on the table to accompany your tacos are HOT. My mouth burned for what seemed like an eternity. The pay de limon (20 pesos) is tasty, but the serving is small, as in order one for each person. The pie is more like an eggy lemon custard than the keylime pie in the states. They don’t serve beer, but you can buy one across the street at the store and bring it over. Located on the main road into town, before you get to the bridge. Heard NIN followed by Jack Johnson as we ate.

Sayulita Fish Taco – tasty but overpriced. Two fish tacos with beans and rice for 60 pesos. We waited for EVER for our food, and even for tostadas and salsa because of a large party seated just before us. I mean it really was forever. The table next to us ordered, was served, finished eating, paid and left before we got any food. This place has a tequila bar inside with a vast collection of tequilas. Ask for seating upstairs so you can people watch in the plaza.

Carmelita’s – our first dinner out in Sayulita. We each enjoyed 3 large fish tacos (20 pesos each) and a huarache. Friendly staff and good food. Margaritas are not on the menu, but if you ask for one it comes in a red solo cup. 80’s mash up soundtrack to the meal.

Palateria on the main road into town – great popsicles in flavors like guayaba, mango and chile, coconut, grape and more. They also serve ice cream in waffle cones. Live guitar music outside this sweet spot.

Panaderia – (next to the Palateria) tasty rollito de canela con nuez (cinnamon roll with nuts). A flaky, sweet, delicious pastry for 8 pesos (about 75 cents). I also got a tasty white bread loaf with sesame seeds on top that made great french toast for 15 pesos. It was  possibly an egg bread. It had some flavor and body, not like fluffy light wonderbread.

European artisanal bakery – located between the beach and the plaza. Good selection of tasty pastries and pizza on foccacia bread. High prices and decent cappucino.

Taqueria Jacorriendo – good tasting 10 peso tacos with carne asada or adobado (pork), but they later created a little extra volume in your belly if you know what I mean. The veggie quesadilla was disappointing, not hot enough and not enough cheese. Tables are out on the street, and plastic baggies line the plates. They do serve a refreshing agua de piña.

Rocio’s – This restaurant is actually in Ancolote, about 20 minutes south of Sayulita. Gabriel will serve you up food and drink and let you park in the lot while you go surfing! It’s not an epic surf spot, but it was the first place I got any waves in Mexico. The quesadillas de pollo are great, served with rice and beans. The enchiladas were greasy, the nachos de pollo just fine, and the brochette (kabob) is very good.  Just ask for it without the steak, it really didn’t compare with the shrimp and chicken. Beers are $20 pesos here, but there are shady lounge chairs on the beach so it’s worth it. You may listen to a marching band on the beach, or the jukebox pumping out Mexican jams.

Islas Marietas: You can also get boats from Rocio’s to go out to the Islas Marietas for approximately $100 USD. It’s worth the trip: we saw 5 humpback whales, 2 blue footed boobies, and swim through a tunnel into a beach in a hole in the middle of the island! Split the boat ride with 7 or 8 friends and it’s a reasonable fee.


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