Window Shopping in Sayulita

Strolling about town on a windy, waveless day I noticed that the shops in Sayulita are more sophisticated and more expensive than I anticipated. Surf shops sell stylish gear and cute t-shirts made in Indonesia sport the name of the town with a flower design. Foreign-run restaurants, businesses and real estate agents advertise on the website. This morning we enjoyed danishes, carrot cake, croissants, muffins and cappucino at a European bakery at near Santa Cruz prices.

The tourist market clearly caters to the more upscale shopper with small boutiques selling fancy feather earrings and clothing that probably says dry clean on the tag. Yet these tourist shops sit next to dusty beachside ferreterias (hardware stores) and dimly-lit tiendas. An interesting mix unlike the U.S. where the expensive shops cluster together and dollar stores are relegated to strip malls.

One shop carried amazing Huichol artwork and beaded jewelry. I was inspired by brightly-colored psychedelic yarn paintings of peyote and snakes, trees of life and fertile goddesses. Truly there is a lot of creativity of design and craft work here, and it was hard to resist the many beautifully hand-crafted items for sale. I have to remember, however, that I’m not on a short vacation where I can pack all my finds into a suitcase and fly home. Anything I buy will travel with me for many more months.

My big purchase for today: a yellow kitchen lighter (quemador) for $30 pesos. Now I can stop nearly burning my fingers or lighting a stick to use the campstove!


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