Sun & Surf in Sayulita

We finally found a sunny beach in Mexico! While this may not seem like an extraordinary feat to many, after two days of solid rain we felt very satisfied as we pulled into the small fishing town of Sayulita.

A few days ago we knew rain was coming, and decided to pull over to wait it out in a park southwest of Guadalajara. Each day at Chimulco they fill a gigantic swimming pool with fresh, hot spring water. The steaming pool was a great place to relax as the cold rain kept falling. The park was very quiet with everyone hiding out in their shelter from the rain. A tractor pull a trailer stuck in the mud was the peak of excitement during our stay. Despite having a warm pool to soak in for a few hours, we had still developed a good case of cabin fever with the non-stop rain (see kiwi photo).

This kiwi has travelled for over 6 weeks from Santa Cruz, and possibly the highest food mileage ever. Does it count if you brought it with you?

This kiwi has travelled for over 6 weeks from Santa Cruz, and possibly the highest food mileage ever. Does it count if you brought it with you?

Agave fields...mmm...mezcal

On the way to Sayulita we passed many agave fields. After a lunchtime break in Jalpa, we picked up a bottle of Don Antonio Aguilar Mezcal recommended by a fellow at an auto-parts store we stopped in to look for fuel filters. It is tasty indeed – all the flavor of tequila and none of the burn.

In Sayulita we rolled down a bumpy dirt road toward the ocean. At first I felt a little strange, as if I had left Mexico and come to a foreign land – everyone walking down the street was a gringo! This is the first recognizably tourist town we have been to. On the beach outside the campground, our first entertainment of the evening was watching a four-wheeler towing a trailer full of garbage bags get stuck in the sand. A group of people including Mexicans, a few girls and some hippie kids from the beach started to help push the trailer to no avail. Finally some of the garbage bags were unloaded from the trailer to lighten the load. They still weren’t making any progress as waves lapped at the wheels of the trailer and four-wheeler. John and I decided we ought to pitch in and we helped push it up the beach and onto firmer ground. I was a bit hesitant to handle the bags of garbage when it came time to re-load the trailer, but upon closer inspection they seemed mostly filled with driftwood from the beach. Likely all that cargo was burned at somebody’s bonfire later that evening.

We strolled a few blocks down the street to the town plaza for dinner. On the way we passed several candle-lit, white tablecloth, rather pricey restaurants clearly marketed toward tourists. On a street near the plaza, waiters at neighboring restaurants competed for our business with descriptions of their delicious food. We enjoyed fish tacos, a huarache and a seafood soup at Carmelita’s, although we’ve been told Sayulita Fish Taco has good ones too.

The next day we followed our neighbors at camp to a little spot further south from Sayulita. I tried my first refresco de toronja (grapefruit soda – yummy!) and looked out at the sparkly blue sea from underneath thatched umbrellas. A few small waves rolled in occasionally and we had fun getting in the water. The only people in the water had come with us from camp. It was my first time surfing (successfully) without a wetsuit! Since I had also forgotten my leash, I felt totally free compared to surfing in Santa Cruz weighed down by a few pounds of neoprene, a leash and with the company of at least 50 of my closest friends at Cowell’s. Further out at El Faro we could see better waves breaking and more surfers out in the water.



  1. raf said,

    February 6, 2010 at 12:28 am

    Pics look great guys! I’ve been trying to look up places you’re going in Lets Go and a lot of them aren’t in there so you must be doing something right ;0. Pascuales is 5ft@13sec, head south…

  2. Jessica said,

    February 6, 2010 at 11:55 pm

    Wow! Sounds like you guys are having lots of fun :D! The pictures look great~

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