Monterrey, Que Romantico

Paseo Santa Lucia (pictured in the gallery below) is a recently developed attraction for the city, proclaimed in promotional materials as Monterrey’s “gift to the world”. It is so recent that none of our travel books included any information on it. It’s a man-made “river” lined with restaurants, fountains, interesting architecture and lighting. Boats carry people up and down with a tour guide announcing points of interest. We stopped at a restaurant called Tenerias for some tortas de huitlacoche, arracheras with a sauce of nopales and chiles and steak fajitas.

Monterrey wins the prize for the city I’ve visited with the most public displays of affection.  Couples kissed on park benches, in dimly lit recesses of the Paseo, on the stairs of the Metro.

Wandering back into the Barrio Antiguo after dinner, we looked into windows filled with the glow of candles, the wax piled up in small hills. A friendly guy stepped out and told us in Spanish and English that there was live music upstairs. Neuquen is an Argentinian restaurant where young and good-looking people seemed to be concentrated. We enjoyed a glass of wine while Frederico Montoya’s band played funk, Beatles and Bob Marley covers on a balcony decorated in old window frames and a chandelier.


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